Nikita Rajpurohit: Courage

Well, talking about courage is a complex topic, and at the same time, it is important as well. In the long run of dragging students from a lower class to higher class; somewhere in between, we have seen students losing courage in their lives.

Let us discuss, what is courage? Sounds something like bravery. Well yes, it is bravery in a sort. But there is much more to explore in it. Today, students seem to be too tensed, too pressurized regarding book knowledge and results, that they show the least interest in other co-curricular activities. Just suppose, if a student is informed to deliver a speech in the assembly, he gets so anxious about it, that the speech seems to be mission impossible for him.

Now lets put an eye over some initiatives that could be taken by teachers to motivate the students and make them realize that there is no reason for hiding their weaknesses or feeling inferior. Teachers should build trust among students and create an environment where they don’t hesitate to share their problems and at the same time, the teacher should help them get over it. Teachers should let students know that if they make a mistake while taking a step forward towards something, then it's not just a mistake, it's a lesson. 

Just like every expert was once a learner. Courage can be built by motivating the students to participate in various activities keeping in mind the strength, not the weakness.
Nikita Rajpurohit

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