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Learning Forward Podcast on 7th November 2020 - Episode # 50 Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Denise Glyn Borders. She has served as president of SRI Education, where she led three centres – Learning and Development, Technology and Learning, and Education Policy. Previously, Borders was senior vice president and director of the U.S. Education and Workforce Development Group at FHI 360, a global human development organization with an evidence-based research approach. Earlier, Borders was a senior vice president at AED (formerly the Academy for Educational Development), where she oversaw U.S. program operations in education, early childhood development, research and evaluation, and education policy and practice. She also served as president and CEO of The McKenzie Group. She served as associate director of the Office of Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Professional Development for the Department of Defense Education Activity. She was also chief of Educational Accountability and Assistant Superintendent for Baltimore City Public Schools and a National/Federal Government Evaluation Consultant at CTB/McGraw-Hill Publishing. In addition, Borders has been a curriculum specialist, teacher supervisor, classroom teacher, and university lecturer. Borders currently serves on the Board of Trustees for Teachers College, Columbia University, and for AdvancED. Borders shares how year 50 at Learning Forward is special and what the organisation is doing to revise the Standards Of Professional Learning after almost 25 years. The vision of the Standards is to serve the foundation of Learning Foward, what it stands for and the fourth revision will focus on educator practice and student results. Professional Learning is the prime vehicle to embody the success of educators, in the current times, the new digital skills and technology will really make all the difference. With 45 of experience, from a teacher to the CEO of The Professional Learning Association, there is no one better than Denise Glyn Borders for our show number 50.
President/CEO Learning Forward
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