How to Manage Anger - Monika Vaishnav

Anger is an emotion which you have towards something or someone. It helps you to express your negativity to some level until it is in controllable situations.  But, sometimes we see people lose their control in anger and do what they never supposed to do. It hurts others as well as to ourselves. Though it doesn't remain for a  long time if we are unable to manage it, it will bring more disturbance, spoil relationships and also take away our peace of mind. Sometimes speaking without thinking can make others also angry. 

It is rightly said that in anger, our mouth works faster than our mind. So, the first thing which we have to keep in our mind is to think before you speak.  Second thing, whenever we are angry we must think about its result before we act. If we will think about the impacts of doing things in anger, it will help us to have patience. Third, we must have a habit of listening to others and self analyzation. 

Fourth, we must develop the patience to handle any situation in life.  Fifth, if you feel extremely angry, leave the place, make yourself busy in something that helps you to get relaxed like singing, painting, drawing, listening to songs, etc. and talk about that thing later in a respectful way. Sixth, we should not talk to whom we are angry with, keep silence for some time or leave the place and when you feel relaxed then only talk to the person and sort out the things. Last and most important thing is forgiveness. We must learn to forgive people, it will automatically make us calm. 

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