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If someone asks, What’s Happiness? The answer for that would be Happiness is something which is around us; we just need to have the real eyes to realize that feeling from within. And if we’ve to draw happiness children would be the best portrays of happiness. Oscar Wilde one of the known authors has said  
“Happiness depends upon us", in Hindi “प्रसन्नता हम पर ही निर्भर करती है|”

The word tolerance means to be patient, have the willingness to accept the differences around you. To recognize, respect and embrace the diversity that’s tolerance for us. This tolerance can intake our actions to contribute, to create a healthy and happy life.

A teammate of ours who says,” tolerance sometimes builds among these children at an early age which eventually bring us at a blissful state.” Her story fits into these two values.

Tolerance Promotes Happiness

A girl joined grade 2 in our school in the midterm session of the academic year. She was confident, quite artistic and loved to participate in outdoor activities. After a week one of her classmate complaint that she never carries the lunchbox and has lunch of other students. A teacher asked her the reason she smiled and replied “madam my lunchbox is with my brother”, on that the teacher thought she might have her lunch early. Next day during the lunch break the helping staff noticed her lunchbox was empty and her friends without creating a fuss were happily sharing the lunch with her. Later the helping staff find out the reason and told the whole story of that girl to the Class teacher.

The girl had a younger brother in the pre-primary section and both the siblings use to leave home early for school along with the other students of their neighbourhood. They use to come to school by walking which took almost an hour. Most of the times they skip their breakfast which makes the younger brother felt a bit cranky with hunger and he troubled his sister on their way to school. She simply tolerates his behaviour, to reach school on time she let him have her lunchbox which worked as a result of gratification. 

On the other side, her classmate who had grumbled with the girl's behaviour was now happily sharing the meal with her without expecting anything in return. Its proved that if we spread happiness without expecting anything in return it’ll always pay back to us. The school principal also gets to know about this incident. And this thing compels the school to realize there could be other students too who might be missing out their breakfast or not bringing lunch because of some reasons. As the students in our school are underprivileged, our school then took the decision of providing the students with a morning snack just before the assembly as well as offering supplement lunch in the school. 

Sometimes we just need to have the ability to sense our pure thoughts, and then we have to implement it through our action and those actions will reach the perfect state of happiness. We as an adult get to learn to a lot from these children. Although they don’t have a clue as to what they are doing, unknowingly and without a clue they allow us to explore to do things. The girl displayed her tolerance by love and care towards her younger brother and her classmates accepted her behaviour of not carrying lunchbox by sharing their food with a desireless state of mind. Tolerance always helps to create a balanced environment which peacefully allows us to gain happiness. Hence, it's true to say “Tolerance promotes Happiness.”

-: Visionary JMMS @ John Martyn Memorial School, Salan Gaon, Dehradun -  Ambika Gurung, Parineeta Negi, Manmohan Kaur and Bharti Dangwal  

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