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Appreciation means praise and admiration. It is human nature to seek appreciation because it makes us feel good, loved and wanted. It helps us have positive self-esteem and makes us and our work worthwhile. Appreciation from others boosts our confidence and motivates to do better and to be better. It gives us happiness. We like the people who appreciate us and we appreciate and like them too. This makes our relationship cordial and fulfilling.

 How do you feel when your teachers, friends and parents appreciate you and your work? When you do your homework well, answer questions in the class your teacher shows her appreciation for you with a smile or by saying “Good or by awarding a star in your notebook. When you show courtesy to others, they appreciate your good nature and conduct. Your parents appreciate you for being a good, well-mannered and obedient child. What makes people win appreciation? More than beautiful looks, riches and material possessions, it is good thoughts, good deeds and actions that win people appreciation. Although it is instinctive for human beings to seek appreciation. Most people find it difficult to appreciate others. This is indeed very unfortunate.

We must make it a habit to appreciate others for their love, care, help, service and personal charm. Such a gesture will show how grateful we are to them and how much we value them. We can show our appreciation for others by our smiles, words of kindness and thanks to beautiful flowers cards and gifts. Appreciating others is very good but we must not appreciate others falsely for they will surely see through it and view it as our selfishness and hypocrisy. Appreciate others need appreciation too As much as I do I must acknowledge and appreciate others for the love and care For the joys and sorrows they share with me For understanding and accepting me as I am. One word of appreciation can make their hearts glow with happiness and mine too. Appreciation makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. 

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