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Happiness is something which we can’t describe in words, it can only be felt from someone. It is the feeling that you have been honest with yourself. Happiness is the feeling which satisfies our within. Small things can make us happy. I think a child should understand the value of happiness so that he or she makes a happy society. Every day we see or meet someone who is happy and tries to spread happiness in his or her surrounding. The things that make a teacher happy is seeing their students happy and sharing their problems with the teacher. A teacher and student have a relationship where a child tells about his problems and a teacher tries to solve it. Teachers and parents are the best guides for the child to put the value of happiness and tolerance in the child. And to make him live in an environment where he has to face different things.

Tolerance is important which helps people to live together peacefully. It means patience, understanding and accepting anything different. Tolerance is the attitude of openness and respect for the differences that exist among people. For example teasing, bullying and disrespect are the negative behaviour in children so it is important to teach tolerance from an early age. In students life, tolerance is necessary because when a child learn to be open-minded and learn about various cultures, food, people and faith surrounding them, it will be easier for the child to accept them when they get younger. 

Tolerance a Path to Happiness    


In the middle of the term, I got an admission of a girl who likes to stay all alone in the class as well as outside the class. She was not able to mix up with the class. It was in her that she doesn’t like to share her things with others. In the recess time also she uses to sit alone and eat her lunch. she was very quiet. She was not able to make friends. 

We as the teachers tried to find out the problem that girl was facing. We decided to take the survey to her house and talk to her parents regarding their child. When we met the parents we found that a child got affected with her surrounding where the neighbours don’t even talk to each other neither the other children like to play together.

We decided to put the value of sharing in the girl as well as in the students who are a bit similar to that girl and arranged the little potluck lunch of the class where every child got something from their home. They all shared and enjoyed. By seeing this the girl also shared her lunch and enjoyed with everyone. She now made new friends in the class. This is how the tolerance of the class, as well as the girl, change into happiness.

 “ It’s within us to change tolerance into happiness."

The story is on the experience of all the members that they have gone through. And the pictures in the story are taken from Google images search, including Shutterstock and are not drawn by the teachers.

- Achievers JMMS @ John Martyn Memorial School, Salan Gaon, Dehradun - Sweta Thapli,  Jyoti Joshi, Meena Kukreti and Nisha Pundir.

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