What is important for Success? - Bharti Rao

Everybody wants to achieve their goal and success in life. Nobody dislikes it. But to achieve success is not so easy. Always remember that failure only helps us to achieve success. The first step to achieve success is to keep in mind that we should never be discouraged by failure. Learn from your failure to achieve greater success in life.

Destiny has a role to play in life, but it is beyond our control. Hard is in our reach and that we should never abandon it. Hard Work is the key to success. Without hard work success, no success is possible. If we work hard, if we perform our duty well, even God will have to reward us sooner or later. Lord Krishna has said in his preaching in the Bhagavad Gita that “Do thy duty unmindful of the reward.”

Today in this materialistic world money is important. But always remember that money and materialistic success cannot give you real happiness.  If we run and aim for materialistic success it leaves us tensed and in stress all the time. True success lies in our happiness. Money should always be secondary. We should have that much money which will help us to lead a comfortable life. Aim at the success which will give us happiness, contentment and attain it by hard work and from selfless deeds. Don’t try to attain success through wrong ways and at the cost of others.

If you want success to believe in yourself, work hard, keep on trying and learn from your flaws. I would like to quote the words of Bob Brown “Behind every successful man there’s a lot of unsuccessful years.” So stay focused, keep patience and go on.

Bharti Rao, The Fabindia School <bro@fabindiaschools.in>

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