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The Frustration Barrier; it is a barrier which does not allow you to get immediately to the point of your goal. When we try new things out of our comfort zone, it becomes a barrier for a specific time. The frustration barrier is usually for a short span of time. Once you overcome this barrier, you can actually start enjoying the learning process and have some fun. It is the only thing which is stuck in our mind. Until we do not stick to anything, obviously the things will not stick to us. Most likely things to get to know through this barrier is that it helps in our personal growth that occurs whenever we do things that are out of our standard set of mind.

From my point of view, it is not difficult to overcome this barrier, we just want to change our state of mind. A successful person always has an ability to face this barrier because we can't ignore it always, the one thing is to get to know clearly how we can face and fight with this barrier. If a person can handle this barrier, he/ she can enjoy the process of learning new things and gaining the benefits that come with being skilled in that area. Just keep some patience, not to burst out immediately or anger, just think out of things very peacefully. Obviously, who handles this situation is known as a successful person. Also, these people are generally much more developed as human beings as they have had more experiences from which they can use in their life. 

Unsuccessful people give up soon. They just don't think of themselves because of their low ability. I want to say that if there is any kind of barrier we must have that power of the ability to face it out and it is possible only when we divert our mind from the things that don't matter. Sometimes a person literally thinks about things very deeply that they are stuck on or stick on one thing. Like this, we can't get out of these types of barriers.

I have just learned or read from somewhere to deal with frustration and what works well for me and for you all also,  here are a few things you can do: 
  • Take some deep breath - Deep breathing can help slow heartbeat and lower blood pressure, diminishing the negative thoughts of the stressful emotion. 
  • Work on something else - like your frustrating day, do something enjoyable. Listen to music, play games and read books. 
  • Watch a comedy, talk with friends. Hobbies are also useful. Do what you like. My best way to divert my mind is to paint or to draw because when we do some work that we like, our concentration is full-on that thing only and we just forget to deal with our destructive emotions that we are facing.
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