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It's tough to be in a stressful situation, ill, in depression or not well. In that situation, you always need to divert your mind or stay positive. It will spread good vibes; staying positive makes you happy and stress-free in every situation. Also, you can divert your mind from a bad situation by doing some work like hobbies, the things that you like to do, all those things. As when I was going through covid and that time was terrible for me, it is the time when you need some good vibes and positivity. 

You all know that Hindi quote that iron will melt by iron only, so when I was found COVID positive, I used to just hate this word, then I just remembered that quote & kept in mind positive test will kill by the positive state of mind. I started spending time on my hobbies and on art, which always diverted my mind from covid. I learned many things in art that gave me so much knowledge; the artwork is no less than therapy. 
If you don't know how to draw, you should still try to draw something; it really makes you happy and diverts your mind and increases concentration power. My hobby really helped me to overcome my covid positive report to negative report.

In this pandemic, spend time on the work you really like to do; it will make you the best. I have decorated CDs with polka dot design. Here are some of my artwork. Stay positive and stay happy! 

Richa Solanki
The Fabindia School

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