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Young Rembrandts Drawing Program has been running successfully in the USA & Canada for 31+ years. The question to consider while considering us for your schools is, how many people do we know who can draw? Or are they comfortable expressing themselves visually? Drawing is one of the most important elements under the art umbrella, and with the unique Young Rembrandts technique, EVERYONE CAN DRAW. The students can put whatever they see or imagine on paper without any measuring instruments. 

We teach students in the age group 4-15yrs. You can consider us an in-school/after school programme. We can work hand in hand with your curriculum to simply support it. Various kinds of collaborations are possible with us.

In addition, we also undertake after-school enrichment activities, holiday / term-break workshops/camps, teacher-bonding sessions, etc. 

Program Content & Curriculum Overview: Our aim is to enable the expression of imagination through drawing. The key concepts we look to enable our perspective, proportion, balance and placement. This is achieved through a wide variety of kid-friendly topics covering Portraits, still life, Landscapes, Realism, abstract, cartooning, art history, Graphic Design, to name a few.

We welcome you to witness any of our current classes over zoom. This will give you a glimpse into our delivery. We can also conduct a demo class for a small group of 6-8 students if required.

Young Rembrandts are offering you weekly drawing classes from the comfort of your own home! Socialize with friends in a Virtual Classroom or Register for On-Demand Lessons.

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