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Every person is important and unique. Everyone's life is an intricately designed jigsaw puzzle that necessarily remains incomplete if a few pieces go missing or the mosaic that life is might remain serrated. As a personal growth junkie myself, my definition of a school has broadened to the ' School of Life'. Learning is every child's prerogative, and finding affordable quality education is a task in itself. 

A good school certainly brings together all the stakeholders to actively tout and contribute to sensitivity to the children's social, emotional and psychological bend, eliminating the conundrum of hyper dependence on marks and boards. And such an elaborate concoction takes significant ingredients as skill development from early years with soft skills first, social adaptability, decision making especially for crisis response, focus on aesthetics as much as cognitive skills and many more such quintessential traits. All this can be certainly achieved by upskilling teachers(the anchors and agents of learning), prioritizing their training based on a learner's needs analysis.

My Good School program is conceptualised as a roaring cascade of chronicles that drenches, revives, records and awes students to acclimatise and acknowledge their learning throughout the schooling years. In this way, the school does carry a touch of alchemy.

- Veena Solanki @ Brewing Knowledge Club

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