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Thoughtfulness and understanding are two values that go hand in hand. Thoughtfulness means to be considerate towards others. Children start interacting with others at a young age. Thus, this value should be instilled in them from a young age. Kids should understand the meaning of thoughtfulness as this makes them caring individuals.

My grandmother always taught me that we must put ourselves in the other person's place before we judge them or react to their actions. This made me realise that circumstances make people behave in a certain way. Everyone needs love and care.

One day I entered the class and started teaching the kids, and a few of the kids came to me after class and asked me if I was doing okay since they noticed I wasn’t myself in class that day. I was surprised to realise that the kids had noticed I was sad.

We need to treat kids like adults and communicate with them. We need to tell them to help others and care about others. Kids learn this quality very quickly because they are pure souls. When children visit NGOs, they become more sensitive towards others. Thus, schools must encourage their kids to do social work.

Understanding is to feel an emotion another person is feeling. We must understand individuals, and we must learn to empathise with others. We tend to become selfish and only think about ourselves, but if we only think about ourselves, no one will think about us as well.

If there is open communication between children and adults, these values will be easy to understand for kids. Being a good human being is very important for a better world, and for that, teaching kids moral values are the most important thing. When adults are happy and calm, and peaceful, kids will automatically develop this attitude.

- Reah Sikand
The Doon Girls' School, Dehradun

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