World Day for International Justice, 17th July - Kusum Sharma

Every year on July 17, World Day for International Justice is observed all around the world. The aim of the day is to promote international criminal justice and support the work of the ICC. 

What is the ICC?
ICC stands for the International Criminal Court. It came about when 120 states adopted a statute in Rome. It was known as the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (“the Rome Statute”). All the countries that agreed to adopt the statute accepted the jurisdiction of the ICC about the prosecution of severe crimes. The idea was not for the ICC to replace national courts. It can only intervene when a country can’t or won’t carry out investigations and prosecute perpetrators.

The Aim of International Justice Day
The aim of this day is to unite everyone who wants to support justice as well as promote victims’ rights. It is to help prevent serious crimes and those that put the world's peace, security, and well-being at risk.

How You Can Mark the Day
There are several different ways you can play a part. Why not write an article or a blog to highlight the need for justice where you live? You could send a communication to your local elected representative and voice your opinion. Speak to members of your government. Or take part in one of the many events that will be held in cities around the world. 

Kusum Sharma
The Fabindia School

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