Be Your Own Motivation - Monika Vaishnav

Do not give up in any situation,
Fight with it and be your own motivation.
Accept the truth, accept what you are,
Then you will gain confidence every hour.
Life is always full of opportunities,
Start your day with little activities.
Do not bother about what people say,
Do something that makes your day.
Value the life and make it meaningful,
Spread love and make it colourful.
Think positive, and you'll find something new,
Your view will be changed for what you already knew.
Live the life the way you want to live,
Give happiness how much you can give.
There will be sorrows, there will be frustration,
Handle things the way you could become an illustration.
Forget the past, forget what have you lost,
Or else your future has to pay the cost.
If you try, you will definitely see a ray of hope,
God never gives troubles without giving a scope.
Break the mental walls and do what you want,
It's your life; you can write it in any font.
Work on making the best version of yours,
It's only your willpower, no other cures.
Live the way, you can be an inspiration,
Listen to your heart and be your own motivation
- Monika Vaishnav
The Fabindia School

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