Neelam Sharma, her incomplete dream...

Episode #87: Sandeep Dutt, in conversation with Neelam Sharma, her incomplete dream to join the Indian Army was fulfilled after contributing immensely to RIMC as a teacher and General BC Joshi Army Public School Deputy Head. Uttarakhand has been her home ever since. She has served at day and boarding school, almost two decades; she devoted most of her life’s career to one school at Jaipur, where she began her career as a teacher and moved up to shoulder the responsibilities of a Vice-Principal. Her students were always in awe of her and, to date, seek her life advice, making Neelam a fascinating personality. Her passion for teaching is exemplary and beyond words to most. It is said that “teaching is in her DNA, a family legacy”. Neelam’s upbringing has been at the prestigious Mayo College, Ajmer. Her clarity and humbleness reflect throughout when she declined an assignment for an administrative position in a boarding school. At the Sagar World School, Tijara gathered her details and excelled in all aspects with her vast and expansive experience. Moving on to head a school at Dehradun and finally the last inning as the Principal at Bhopal. She has travelled to several countries to earn and share an immense wealth of learning and experience. In the podcast, she mentions that being from a family of teachers, it was natural for her to become a teacher! Her father and family added to her growth as a passionate educator; she talks about how we need to adapt to help children learn; they must feel loved and respected, find good mentors and are brought up in an environment of trust and well-being.

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