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Caring means showing kindness, compassion and concern. Caring is a selfless act done by a person to make someone happy. Being caring is a sign of maturity. Caring behaviours are kindness, sensitivity, comforting others, listening to someone attentively and accepting others without being judgmental. Our caring behaviour doesn’t reflect only our actions, even our emotional reactions. A tiny act of care can make a big difference in someone’s life. 

Caring behaviour affects the receiver and gives a sense of relief and joy to the giver. When we show concern towards someone, we cultivate trust, we feel good about ourselves for being a caring person. It also teaches us important virtues such as patience, understanding and loyalty that benefit individuals' personal and professional lives. 

Our children require years of devoted nurturing, leading to building a natural capacity to care for others. We develop the habit of caring for our friends, family members, romantic partners, and co-workers. And this is how we develop the mechanism to being caring and feel rewarding and satisfying. 

Someone has said it right, “Being caring is a sign that deaf people can understand, and blind people can see.”

We can show our care with small actions like- by asking for someone’s opinion, by being honest to someone, by talking and listening to someone, by remembering small things about them, like their hobbies and important days, by saying that I am proud of you or I am always there for you.

Unity means togetherness with others in their thoughts, feelings and reactions in all circumstances. Unity is the state of being one and combining all the parts in one. Unity is a uniform character and absence of diversity. Unity bases itself on the simple concept that we must respect and treat everyone equally, irrespective of our differences.

Unity is the faith that removes all the fears we have and gives us the strength to face any challenge. When we are united, we get guidance from others for personal and professional matters and suffer less stress because we solve our problems together. When we work together, we push each other to accomplish greater goals that might not be possible alone. 

Unity helps us to destroy evil practices like racism, gender discrimination, etc. Unity is essential in every aspect of life, and we must do our best to preserve it. It is difficult to survive in the world as a nation without unity. The power of unity can illuminate the whole earth. Unity is a trait that one should try to teach children from a very young age; sometimes, even adults also need to raise their thinking and move out of any discrimination to stay united in tough times. Every sports person should show unity with every teammate to win the game. Unity helps in dividing the work and makes it easy to achieve the goals. 

Thus, Unity and Caring are great virtues taught to children at a very young age. The strength of Unity rests in Caring Behaviour. Being Caring, we can develop feelings of honesty, purity, joy and integrity. Caring Behaviour towards neighbours and co-workers contributes to developing a positive social environment that leads to Unity. Every small act of caring for another is so powerful that it creates deeper bonds that we seek for emotional support and strengthen our Unity. 

In a school, as teachers, we often divide children into different groups and assign them some work to do. The purpose of this is to teach children how to perform in a united and organized manner and caring & respecting each other’s ideas. Being caring is a positive impression that makes the world United.

- Nandini Arora, The Doon Girls' School Dehradun

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