Unity and Caring - Bhumika Vyas

 "Unity in Diversity" is the phrase we all have been grown up understanding and learning. But does diversity only mean through different cultures, religions, countries and continents? 

Diversity should be through " CARE" of different human nature, culture, behaviour, attitude, and appreciation of others' strengths, weaknesses, acceptability and the global environment. The environment is also one of the major concerns today; Mother Earth will be taken care of if we are united to make it a better place to live in.

 'Unity and Care' instantly made me recollect a beautiful story at 'The Doon Girls School'. One of our girls suffered a chronic illness in which there were many restrictions from food to certain activities, sleeping patterns, etc., which the doctor recommended staying away. However, human nature can only resist doing something till their peers and loved ones support them to the tee. 

When the girls in school were informed about her condition and restrictions, to our surprise, most girls volunteered to give up on certain foods and beverages and agreed not to have them on the menu. Few of them volunteered even to follow her routine and take turns to be with her and make her feel as normal as they could. To our expectation, a student at the boarding school would look forward to food and the different variety of food offered to them. 

This gesture of the students was spontaneous and out of care and concern. These girls showed love, unity, care, and sacrifice altogether, which made me realize why adults become so complexed when, as children, we all are just like these girls. Why can't we be adults growing up with the same value systems that made childhood memorable and make our lives so complex? When Unity and Care go hand in hand, they both turn out to become the strength of humanity.

- Bhumika Vyas, The Doon Girls' School

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