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Teaching can be defined, very simply, as activities that promote student learning. It encompasses all those teacher behaviours that encourage students to learn and make moves towards the institution's educational objectives.
Teachers should always be prepared for all kinds of situations in class that can make improvements in the child.

If a child gives us shoddy work, a teacher should know how to deal with the child and bring improvement in him.
A. The teacher should counsel the child patiently and try to understand his problem or situation and try to help and pull out the child. Necessary to have a word with his parents. Give an incentive for the improvement work.
For example: give him a good remark for his work, give him rewards in the form of treats and organise uploading by the class it will not only improve his problem and nature But also inculcate a feeling of improvement for others.

Love is a set of emotions, behaviours and beliefs with strong feelings of affection.

In such a situation where two teenagers are in a romantic relationship, the First thing as teacher duty is to console Them and tell them about the meaning of love for that age; it is natural to get attracted towards the opposite gender. We can explain to them the meaning of love by the example of their family.
For example – Their family plays a vital role. In the way a child thinks or judges a teenager relationship. In a family, the mother cooks cleans and nurtures. For the other Family members, she does this because of her love for her family. The father provides many things to the family, and this also shows his love for his family. Similarly, the younger ones show respect to their parents and elders and demonstrate their love. This thing should be told to the teenager so that they don’t separate from their path at this critical age.

You can also give the Example of Buddha on the definition of love that is “If you like a flower you
pluck it, but if you love that flower, you water it daily.”

Also, we can counsel their parents if things get so much out of their hands.

- Nisha Pundir@JMMS, John Martyn Memorial School, Salangaon, Dehradun 

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