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The word Quality can be defined in two aspects -

  • The degree of excellence in the work undertaken.

  • Distinct virtue or characteristic - Discipline, Hard Work, Diligence, Sincerity etc.

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A teacher deals with all kinds of students and no two students are the same. There are times when the children come up with untidy or incomplete work. So how a teacher can enhance the various qualities in the children to get a good quality of work from them.

There can be many reasons, for which a teacher needs to find the solutions as well.

1. Unclear concepts

Sometimes the child does not understand the concepts and finds it difficult to complete the given work. A teacher needs to find the learning styles of the students. For that matter, a teacher needs to be supportive and encouraging. There are some slow learners who may need extra help. The teacher should give them individual time, and may even need to adjust some assignments for them. 

2. Too much workload

Sometimes it is hard for the children to give good results in their work as they get overburdened by the work. Rather than teaching 2 or 3 topics together, the teacher should limit the learning to just one topic. Students will give a better quality of work as their focus remains on a single topic. Homework should be given, but limited. It is just a mode for the children to revise and retain what they learned in the class. Homework is given to set a system of learning, which helps the children to develop discipline and self-confidence.

3. Home is a place for relaxation

It is hard for the kids to focus at home. When the child is in the classroom there aren't a lot of distractions and  Learning is structured and organised. As soon as the children reach home their brain clicks to relaxing mode. They intend to do what they feel like. For this, the parents need to assist their child at home and teachers should make sure to check with the parents. Under the guidance of the parents, the children can give better results in their work.

4. Lack of interest

At a point in time, the children really lose interest in doing their work. A teacher needs to have discussions, not lectures. Some group activities, project work, outdoor walks, social experiments, should be included in the teaching to make the learning interesting and exciting for the students. This will definitely give good outcomes and improve the quality of work. 

5. Lack of understanding between teacher and student

Students are more inclined to complete assignments when teachers and students respect one another. Students sense when teachers care about them and want them to do their best work. Even the students will try harder if they know that the teacher cares about them and respects them not just as students but as human beings as well.

Classwork and homework can bring together children, parents and teachers in a common effort to improve students' learning. Teachers are the vital link in making this happen. Qualities like self-discipline, responsibility, love of learning, sincerity, punctuality which they learn at school benefit them throughout their lives.


Love makes not just the world go around, but our perception of everything in the universe as well.

Love is a word that does not have a definition. It is more easily experienced than defined. It is multidimensional and complex yet simple and powerful. It takes on different forms. 

Middle school or High school is when many teenage students start to explore love and romance. This may seem silly but for a teen student, it is one of the most important steps in the journey of growth. This is the time when they are going through hormonal changes.

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For teachers talking on a topic like love is as important as teaching any biology lesson. Teachers have a great role in helping students understand what love is and its various aspects. 

The conversation about love should start before the students reach that stage of getting into any romantic relationship. A teacher should define love to the students in different aspects. Having someone's help, enjoying a game together and sharing lunch is a way of showing love. It is the love that we share with our family, friends and pets. In another aspect- dancing, painting, travelling, gardening, shopping is also love because love is what you like. Doing something for the love of it is the most divine, wonderful, powerful way of doing it. Another form of love that generally attracts teenagers is the romantic form of love. The children need to know that love is not always about romance. 

Love and relationships can be difficult, especially in the teenage years. Budding romances can be fun but also confusing. In these moments of confusion, students often turn to friends or the internet. In that case, Students can be best guided by the teachers, as they spend most of their time in school.

Teachers need to counsel the children about love and infatuation. Even talk to the parents. Tell the children what is right and wrong for them. Needs to show the students that they value their opinions and keeps the door open to more conversations.

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Teachers and parents can still have rules for the children to be safe, healthy and moral while communicating in a mutually respectful way.

 - Neelam Bhardwaj@JMMS, John Martyn Memorial School, Salangaon, Dehradun

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