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1. A student who does a shoddy job with classwork and homework?

There are many ways to tackle such problems. These students firstly need special attention and personal guidance. They are to be handled with care. The teacher and student must build trust among themselves. As a teacher, I will first talk to the student to gain his/her trust. Then I will try my best to tell or make the student realize the importance of classwork and homework. I will give individual time to the child. I will talk to the parents so they can help the child at home. I will try to keep the students engaged in activities. This will help students to focus on their work. I will give interesting and enjoyable work to the students. This will help the students to learn with fun. The more interesting the activities are, the more fun will be learning.


2. Two underage students in a romantic relationship?

As we all know, when puberty hits, a student goes through many adolescent changes like physical, social and emotional. Romantic relationships can bring many emotional ups and downs for the child and sometimes for the whole family. These changes distract the child and make him lose his concentration in studies. But being strict with the students or denying them entry into any relationship can affect them psychologically. 

As a teacher, the foremost thing I can do is talk to them and show them that I support them. By talking, I can counsel the students. We can find ways in which neither the students are harmed nor the relationship. 

I will talk to the child about his/ her romantic relationship and make him feel comfortable sharing it with me. This will help the students to take the right steps and move in the correct direction. I will not criticize the relationship; otherwise, the students will drive away from me. The more they will share with me, the better I can help them with their life ahead.

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