Thoughtfulness and Understanding- Nandini Arora

Thoughtfulness means being considerate or reflective. It is the state of mind when we think carefully about someone or something. It means thinking about others’ benefits and interests and making others happy. Thoughtfulness means offering service, giving attention, and make others feel comfortable. Being thoughtful we can make others feel better about themselves, make them feel special.

When we are careful about our thoughts, it is our thoughtfulness. Our thoughtfulness takes us to the path of serenity. 

When we become thoughtful for others, we create a difference in others’ lives. Our thoughtfulness helps us to discover the best in others as well as in ourselves. Our thoughtfulness leaves a great impression on others’ hearts. We can occupy the biggest space in others’ hearts by doing little things for them. Thoughtfulness is much more valuable than wealth.

When we talk about family, we are always thought of one another, which helps us to live healthy lives. Our thoughtful mind has many great thoughts, but they are useless if we do not plan our actions accordingly.

Understanding means showing compassion and sympathy towards others. As we all are unique, it’s better to understand others, rather than judging them. Being understanding we focus on the situation from other’s points of view. It is the state of mind when someone hurts you for some reason and you try to understand their circumstances instead of getting hurt or hurt them back and show maturity.

Self-understanding is very important because when we understand ourselves, we are able to experience ourselves as different individuals. Then we are able to empower our own strengths and improve our weaknesses.

Mutual understanding is the great support of any relationship, it is important to be understanding but it will be the best to avoid misunderstanding because true love is born with understanding. When we love, trust and respect someone, we understand their untold stories.

Knowing and understanding are two different things. It is not necessary if we know something, we also understand it. We may know many things but there is no use in it if we do not understand them. It is true that we can know someone, but it is not possible to understand a person completely, because every person is different and has his own personality, truths, and stories that cannot be shared.

Thoughtfulness and understanding are best friends. They walk hand in hand. Thus, our understanding and thoughtfulness help us to overcome any difficult situation and provide us peace of mind and keep us free from tensions. Our life has become very fast, as we are running a race and moving faster than our understanding and thoughtfulness. We need to be thoughtful and understanding if we need to succeed in our lives.

- Nandini Arora, Flyers, Doon Girls School

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