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A teacher knows the true meaning of quality; they provide the best for their students.

Every student has different qualities; some are good at reading, some are good at listening, some are good at the artwork, and some are good at everything. At some points for teachers, it becomes difficult to counter an individual's problem. And during our classwork and homework, we notice children submitting shoddy work to the teachers.

This problem can only be handle by keeping these things in mind:

#Connecting with the students:

Teachers shall always be able to connect with the students to help and understand their needs.

#Always try to give positive feedback:

Students like to get compliments, we teachers shall find out positive feedback as much as we can give to our students. They get boosted about it and try harder to do their job correctly.

#Find alone time to talk to them:

Showing them that you care by communicating and correcting them. If they like you, they'll listen to you more.

#Showing them concern:

Rather than pointing them out of the class, which eventually makes them feel embarrassed. We should always show a good gesture to tell them about their underperforming work.

#Try to know the real problem:

While dealing with such students, we try to figure out what the reasons could be. Teachers should talk to other teachers too, about whether the student is not performing well in their subjects as well. And also observe their behaviour inside and outside the classroom.

Approaching the Situation:

● Handle the students with care and let them know that they have the capabilities to do their work better.

● Talking about the topics they like so that they feel u remember things about them. If they like the teachers, they will listen and learn better.

● Telling them that you expect good things, they shouldn't feel we are always consistently trying to get back to them. The child should know that the teacher expects good work and it'll allow them to work hard.

● Approach their parents too to help them out at home and guide them about their child's needs.

Therefore, we teachers should develop authentic trusting relationships among our students. So that they register the ownership of what they haven't done correctly and try more to be on a better level. Eventually, they'll exceed the expectations that we put on them.


Love is a lot of things; There are different ways to express love. To me, love is like a seedling; at first, it's delicate; it needs to be taken care of and nurtured if we want it to last through time.

If in my class the situation of a romantic relationship arises; I'll be happy to have a meaningful conversation with my students.

The important key points which we all should practice while dealing with such cases are as follows:

● Know your child's love language

● Share your own personal experience to connect better

● Talk with parents and let them understand their children to explore love.

As educators, we are very much aware that our students avoid the topic of Love because the elderly people around them have only lectured about it or never tried to make them understand the reality of Love. To their curiosity, they try to find out 'What Love is?' Children get immature thoughts on love as they may have been influenced by the movies or other means of media. Younger minds are needed to be prepared for love; before any other source helps them to learn a different love variant of love. The teachers must take the initiative to teach them about love; it requires sensitivity, and never avoid it.

How to approach the situation?

In a classroom, these cases may occur, and we should avoid directly pointing out their flaws. We should always:

● Have a good relationship:

With students, we should learn to give and receive from each other. Students instinctively seek lots of different experiences and try out different things. Try to hear their definition of love and have a good conversation.

● Comfort with the topic:

Teachers should handle the scenario by being their friend, not only as a teacher. Being a friend helps them reveal their feelings best, so at first, we should share our experience and then let them share their thoughts.

● Develop understanding:

We must tell them it's a natural part of our growing up stage; we develop these feelings much better when we are adults. Everyone goes through these changes because it's part of our existence.

Acknowledge them that we step towards love in variety we show love to our parents, grandparents, siblings, pets and friends. The children will understand that they will get opportunities to experience and explore love in different stages. And in the classroom or school, their love should be directed towards studies; which will help them to uncover themselves best with the capability of love.

- Ambika Gurung@JMMS John Martyn Memorial School, Salangaon, Dehradun

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