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Quality refers to being positive and finding the best in others. It means how good something is compared to other things. Teamwork is the key to quality. Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives. Quality is not an act; it is a habit. 

  1.  A student who does a shoddy job:-

  • Firstly I would meet with the student and try to build a friendship with the student. I will try to engage the student in the class activity to pay more attention and develop more interest in the particular subject. 

  •   While developing a friendly relationship with the child, I will try to identify the difficulties they face while doing the work. 

  •  I would also examine how they handle or keep their other things because their minds also affect them while keeping things. It elaborates on the situation that they are facing. 

  •   I would make them draw beautiful cards that require calligraphy. By doing this, they would enjoy and will improve their writing skills at the same time. 

  • I would make them take the right posture while doing or writing in notebooks.

"True aspirations generate a positive feeling in you and fire with enthusiasm. "

  • Having said that, I would appreciate the child working in the class Or give chocolate or anything to take more interest in improving their work.

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is a success. " 


Love is a strong feeling towards something or someone. It's a mix of emotions, respect, and behaviour for the other person. Love can be defined in various ways. It can be the bond we share with our family members, friends and pets. Love is generally connected to a romantic feeling that we have for someone. 

  1.  Student in a Romantic relationship:-

" It is said student life is golden life" Because in this time period, the character of a man/ woman is built; therefore, it is also called the Formative period of human life. Every student should try their best to make the best use of their student life. 

  • I would approach the two students collectively and separately and make them understand the difference between "to like" and "to love" Someone's term. I would approach the girl as the girl is considered more mature and would make her understand the importance of studying and knowledge in life, and understand her about the stage where we acquire and identify our skills and goals in life. 

" The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles".

  • I would make them understand the stages of life. That is a life everyone passes through a stage from being a student to an adult. So, this is a stage where you have to study and understand the world. You also come across a stage of loving others, but that comes after the student stage. You should not mix two stages together, because that would bring a Disbalance in life. Having a love relationship is a distraction to this identification. 

"Let us  always meet  with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love."

    - Jyoti Joshi @JMMS, John Martyn Memorial School, Salangaon, Dehradun 

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