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When we talk about the quality of anything, we are actually judgmental about that thing. We seek good or bad qualities in it. We are making the judgment according to our point of view. 

This can differ from person to person. For example- when we talk about a child’s behaviour, we judge him by his attitude towards others. His work and the way he behaves with elders and we come to a conclusion about that child. 


Case1. A student who does a shoddy job with classwork and homework. 

First, we will identify the child's work and check him in person so that the child may not feel awkward in front of everybody. This may improve his quality of work. If there is no improvement, then a teacher needs to go deep into the child’s life and find the cause of his behaviour; counselling the child and developing the teacher's confidence will help solve the maximum problems of the student. A teacher can even sit closer to the child and guide him with love and care. In this procedure, a teacher must keep in mind that the child’s feelings are not hurt; he may not feel left out or embarrassed. With continuous efforts, the quality of the work of that child can be improved.


It is actually the sense of care and respect for others. When we love anyone, we develop respect, care and understanding for the other person that can be our parents, friends, children or colleagues. Love brings us closer, develops understanding, and we share our happiness, joy and sorrows. As a teacher, we love our profession, and we respect all others at the same time. 

We care and help each other so that we can give our best to society. We love our students and try our best to make them the best to become good citizens and live happy life.

Case2. Two underage students in a romantic relationship. 

• If any such case comes to our knowledge, the first thing is to confirm whether it is true or not. 

• We can call the student separately, and counselling can be done. 

• We can make them understand that these situations are just the attraction that happens at this age, but they must focus on their future and think about their real ambition. 

• Diverting their thoughts towards the reality of life can help them grow and develop their life. 

• Talking to their parents and advising them to spend more time with their children can also help them think about their future. 

• The child will open up and talk without hesitation and surely will understand the drawbacks of such a relationship and focus on his future. Dealing with such situations, our approach should always be positive and for the betterment of society. A teacher should always care, love, understand, listen patiently and make them feel that we are always there to help them. The children will develop confidence and will love and always respect you.

- Parineeta Negi@JMMS, John Martyn Memorial School, Salangaon, Dehradun

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