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A student who does a shoddy job with classwork and homework.
 “Ensuring quality higher education is one of the most important things we can do for 
 Future generation.” -Rown Lewis
 Quality education can provide a generation of young individuals who will be global citizens and work in a unity to solve problems on social, economic and other aspects and also create a  sustainable development for the community and in their own terms they will be world leaders.
As there may be multiple reasons for a student to do shoddy job with the classwork 
and homework, the important things to kept in mind while dealing with such cases 
1. Talk to the student: - A conversation with the students will be very helpful to understand the reason behind his/her behaviour for not performing and a simple counselling may solve this problem. This should be the initial dealing that a teacher requires.
2. Learning disabilities:- We also need to assure that many students also go through learning disabilities like dyslexia, visual perceptual and many more which may affect their performance and these may be the major symptoms the child is not completing his/her work.
3. Not getting proper guidance:- As a teacher we have to assure that the students gets the proper guidance not just in school but when the child goes back to his/her home so that  they can perform better in their work also we should make sure to provide the proper 
pattern of guidance for each student requirement.
4. Maintaining positive attitude toward the student: - It is very essential that a teacher should maintain a positive attitude from the very beginning because than only a bond of trust will develop between the teacher and the student, he/she will be able to discuss their problem also share the reason behind their behaviour and after that only teacher can resolve the concern problem.
5. Praise students for performance: - Once the student starts performing accordingly if the slightest positive change is observed and an encouragement is necessary because it will assure the child that he/she is on the right path as well as it will motive just not him/her but other students too, which will develop confidence in the student and he/she will enhance in their performance.

Approach related to student who does a shoddy job with classwork and Homework
1. Conservation with the student: - All students have different strength and abilities, some students may never be excellent but talented as an artist, show interest in extra circular activities and good in sports etc. So it’s a teacher responsibility to analyse and give homework and classwork in a format that each student in a class is engaged in and different activities that lead them to perform better.
2. Circumstantial behaviour:-While dealing with the students we need to understand the circumstance (environment) around the child when he/she in the class or goes back to home are suitable or disturbing environment for him/her to study. May be the student sitting next to the child disturb him/her or the health of the child may not support same goes for the environment at home, parents are uneducated or due to the child is from humble background and they do not have enough sources like electricity or stationary support. There will be multiple reasons as such so we should help the students in managing and overcoming these problems.
3. Engaging activities and observing student participation:- The classwork and  homework should be given in a format which continuously develop interest of the child to perform better, giving student leadership role in classroom will make them understand the responsibility given to them and perform accordingly for e.g if a child does not present their homework/classwork daily give them a duty to help other students with their classwork and homework so to help other students the child has to finish 
their own work first which will make them understand their mistakes and vice-versa,  it will help them to complete their work in time.
4. Physical movements:- We should make sure that short breaks and extra time is given to the students to complete their homework and classwork because there may be multiple reasons for not performing e.g like some students need extra time because they are slower than others in understanding or completing their work also some students require short breaks as they loose interest if they are continuously studying they get stressed very easily and cannot concentrate, due to this some small breaks with some physical exercise or movement, will relax them and create more focus.
5. Seeking professional help and informing parents:-Asking for help or guidance from a school counsellor or a senior teacher may also point out that the teacher or a student is missing the link to resolve this problem. Teacher can also understand by discussing the specific requirement of that particular child so she can innovate different methods to build a positive outcome from the students also if a child continuous to show a similar pattern after a keen and regular observation it is the responsibility of a teacher to make parents aware of the situation and discuss possibilities to encourage students for the positive outcome.
Two underage students in a romantic relationship
Important things to keep in mind when dealing with two underage students in a 
romantic relationship:-
1. Deal with the situation at most sensitivity:- As the two students may be underage but the situation should be handle with at most sensitivity and sincerity as the children also do hold an individual personality and if the situation handle causally it may affect them emotionally, mentally and physical.
2. Approach them friendly: - We should not create any unpleasant situation where the children feel uncomfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. As they are moving towards their adolescence this is a common situation for a teacher.
3. Remind them about the boundaries: - We need to make them understand that they are students and they have to follow rules and regulations of the school and if any misconduct will not be tolerated. A clear message to the student will give teacher a chance to control the situation.
4. Not a control but an open door policy:- We need to make students aware that we are not controlling them but we care for them, and the kind of relationship they are in needs time to mature, they also needs to give time to each other to understand the complexity of a relationship while making them understand that we are creating an open door policy where they can come at us at any given situation and we will not judge them or create any pressure, we will make every effort to handle the any given situation sensibly. 
5. Parental Intervention:- If students failed to response in a positive manner after applying the said above dealings then parental intervention is necessary where the teacher may explain the situation to the parents in a calm way so both parents and teachers can handle the matter in more appropriate manner.

In the given account if two underage students are involved in a romantic relationship how to approach in the given situation
1. Every choice has its own consequences: - We have to make student aware that every choice they are making will affect their present and future and they should behave accordingly and we should give them some time to mellow down their feelings or to realise and understand how the present situation will affect them.
2. Maintain behaviour: - Any kind of romantic affection in the premises of the school is not acceptable and they should behave in an appropriate manner and acts like touching or any physical contact will lead to a major consequences.
3. Differentiate between love and infatuation: As they are in a tender age and they need time to understand their feeling, they need to know what is love and infatuation as they are entering in new phase of age and they may be attracted to different qualities of different person and feel that its love but in reality that is just infatuation or attraction.
4. New phase of life: - We also need to make them understand that they are still growing, they will develop emotionally, mentally and physically till they reach adult hood and these kind of feelings will regularly emerge in their life so in such an earlier phase they should avoid getting romantically involved and in the present scenario, they should give them some time to understand that it’s too early for such matters.
5. Professional Help: We should seek a professional help from school counsellor in this matter as they have more understanding how to control such behaviour of students also in some extreme cases parents should be inform and involved from both the sides. 

Encourage conversations about feelings, friendships and family relationships, it can help your child feel confident to talk about relationships in general. If your child knows what respectful relationships look like in general? These conversations might mean that your child will feel more comfortable sharing feelings.

-Dolly Pharasi @JMMS, John Martyn Memorial School, Salangaon, Dehradun 

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