An Educator Is More Than A Traffic Policeman

It is true that an educator plays an important role in our society. A traffic policeman's duty is to control the bad elements and show the right path to vehicles on the road. But an educator does his/her work in the following way, and does more than just policing the students:
  • An educator is more responsible in comparison of a traffic policeman because he/she make ready our future in the classroom.
  •  To do their overall development and are facing a lot of challenges in classes and also has the ability to overcome the challenges on another hand beyond the classroom.
  • Also teaches them morality and responsibility and the traffic rules along with social and environmental awareness.
  • More implement is that not only showing them the right path but encouraging & motivating them to take the good path for a lifetime. 
Thus an educator is more than a traffic Policeman.

Our Learning From -"Can You Teach a Zebra Some Algebra"- Debashis Chatterjee
~ Urmila Rathore, Vimmy Rajpurohit and Tarun Mishra.
The Fabindia School

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