The Ear Specialist

In the context of the classroom when we talk about the children, as a teacher in the classroom when a teacher explains the topics he/she is used to listening answers to the topics, according to his/her view. But a smart teacher is always aware of thoughts of all students and always tries to listen to minor points from the student. Even if a child answers wrong he/she should be corrected and motivated. We should motivate the slow learners as compare to others.It is a human tendency that everyone likes to listen positive about themselves and negative about others. If a bright student answers, we can tell him/her to come and explain the topic in his/her own way so, students will understand that faster when they see their fellow students coming in front. And then they will also like to come and speak in front of the class.

Our Learning from Can You Teach A Zebra Some Algebra. By: Debashis Chatterjee.
Ishu, Kusum, Urmila, and Rajeshwari - The Fabindia School

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