Students are Host, not Hostages

According to the topic, we understand that students are the key role of the class and not the teacher as per today’s era. In earlier times teacher was the main focus of the class and students used to sit and listen whether they are interested or not in learning.

Now the time has changed day by day and so the way of teaching. Now, a student is the Hero of the class. A teacher has to plan and set out things in such a way that all his/her students find it interesting and would be attentive in class. Teachers have to be more creative to develop an interest in their classroom. Also, they should maintain a good relationship with their students so that they can come up with their problems freely.

More than we want them to listen to us, we should prefer ourselves to listen to our students. They should get fair chances to speak up whenever they want in the class. There should be no terror of the teacher in any students mind. A teacher should never pressurize their students even if the conditions are not in favour of the teacher. To understand their students a teacher has to change herself/himself according to the needs of the students and then plan out certain things. A happy teacher can make their classroom a happy place and ultimately lead to happy students and healthy minds.

Our learning from: Can you Teach a Zebra some Algebra? By: Debashis Chatterjee
- Gajendra Mewara, Monika Vaishnav, Vimmy Rajpurohit and Jaffar Khan
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