Hoarding Knowledge Like Property

Just imagine lot many books on various subjects are closed in a room and locked, all authors who had great knowledge and their experiences published in the form of books (knowledge) exists, but this knowledge which is not given (shared) with others to read,  it will remain there only and one day books in the room will be damaged by time.
Similarly, if an intelligent person does not share his knowledge and experiences, one day it will get destroyed along with person’s death. Learning is not storage of knowledge but it is about sharing with others, it will then get multiplied. Learning is abstract and cannot be divided. 
Our learning from “Can You Teach A Zebra some Algebra” by Debashis Chatterjee.
Ajay Vijayvargi , Kusum Dangi , Tarun Mishra & Usman Gani - The Fabindia School

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