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Can you teach a Zebra some Algebra?

However witty or humorous the heading of the chapter may sound, it definitely conveys a very deep and thought-provoking learning.
A zebra or any animal for that matter is devoid of one basic human feature i.e. intellect something which is the only line of demarcation between humans and a zebra (pun intended).
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Being an educator, it is the prime responsibility to help develop a student’s intellect i.e. the capacity of think of what an action might lead to, something which cannot be developed or thought to a zebra.
Once intellect is developed, the next step is to focus all energies to put the intellect to proper usage. Concentration increases the chances of being able to grasp things better, the more the concentration the better the learning. Intellect is a definite source to convert the wishes into will, backed by great concentration which by any chance a zebra cannot possess; probably it is not the target of any learned educator.

Therefore a great educator will always try to develop child’s intellect by guiding him to find answers to his in inquisitions about worldly affairs and not answering the same. And once the intellect is polished and thoughts of the child can be put in order, his increased concentration will enable him to find a suitable answer and thus the role of the educator is fully accomplished.
Our learning from “Can You Teach A Zebra some Algebra” by Debashis Chatterjee. Ajay Vijayvargi , Kusum Dangi , Tarun Mishra & Usman Gani - The Fabindia School

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