Looking at the present scenario of education, the picture that comes to our mind is of students standing at the bus stand in the morning with a heavy bag on his shoulders, carrying all subject books, notebooks, help books and refreshers to school. As if carrying books to the school, the teacher will try to make them understand their subject in a time lapse of 40-45 minutes.

The students whether understanding or not is expected to score higher grades in tests and exams. Similarly, in higher classes, students need to find the solution from digital information and gain it is knowledge. It is as if so-called knowledge (most of the times without understanding) is forced as a burden on students.

Is it true education? Learning without understanding students are forced to attend classes, coaching etc. It is very right that interest is created in students. They will be attracted to the class rather than pushing them to the class.

Our learning from “Can You Teach A Zebra Some Algebra” By Debashis Chatterjee
Ajay Vijayvargi, Kusum Dangi, Tarun Mishra & Usman Gani - The Fabindia School

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