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Compassion Is Action

Compassion doesn’t have to be a big thing. We believe it’s our small act of kindness that makes us compassionate people. However, an action is required to show compassion. Otherwise, it’s just an empty feeling. 

Every educator must have compassion for students and their colleagues. Sometimes we may be stressed out or certain circumstances make us unhappy, but we should not lose our patience or give up in any situation. Instead stay calm and do your job properly. 

What we really need is to stay connected with our source and not think about the resources which we have or maybe we do not have. With time everything will be right and we can achieve what we want. Compassion is the only thing that will help us to get over difficult situations and bring happiness into our lives.
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Our learning from:  ‘Can you teach a Zebra Some Algebra’ - by Debashis Chatterjee.
- Aysha Tak, Prerna Rathod, Swati Sood & Suresh Singh Negi

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