This is a unique topic which has a hidden meaning. Normally teachers go into the classroom and teach. They ask the students some questions and expect particular answers. They listen to what they want to hear, but there is always some unheard part which all teachers do not hear.

An educator can alone understand when the certain child is having some problem. The educator looks at a child and can find out if the child is behaving in a normal way or not. There may various reasons for this either the child is having some problem related to family or peer pressure or maybe he/she is not interested in the topic taught or maybe is not able to understand the topic taught.

An educator must find out the reason by communicating with the child and find solutions to solve his/her problem. This will help to build a better communication and also the child will be motivated to speak up and share his/her problems with the educator. He/she must be motivated to face all problems bravely and also try to find solutions on his/her own. This will help him/her to face the outside world in a better way. An educator must also develop this habit of listening to the inner voice of the students. If this happens then the students will be successful in their life. Thus one must listen to the voice of heart and mind and we can become good human beings.
Our learning from ‘Can You Teach A Zebra Some Algebra’ -by Debashis Chatterjee.
- Aysha Tak, Prerna Rathod & Suresh Singh Negi
The Fabindia School

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