Students are Host, not Hostages

According to the present day system of education, teachers are under the pressure from Board, Management and Parents, and its effects will reflect on children. The participation of the students is very important in the classroom by the practical method. If they are allowed to do things in a different way then they will be more excited and participate actively. When a teacher enters the classroom there will be a specific planned topic in his or her mind, but student’s reaction may be different. They may say, Sir, don’t teach today we will play. By this, they are showing their interest, but the teacher does not listen to them and forcefully starts to teach and becomes the host. This is the time to think about the changes that the teachers need to bring in their classroom considering students as the host. 
Our learning from: Can You Teach a Zebra some Algebra? By: Debashis Chatterjee
Kavita Devra, Byju Joseph, Krishna Gopal Dave and Vinit Kumar
The Fabindia School

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