The Solar School Company

The “Solar School Company” is a network of educational institutions across India who –
1. Generate and utilize electricity through a solar PV system
2. Utilize the solar PV system as a teaching tool to increase awareness amongst the youth
3. Offset a large portion of thermal power consumption resulting in substantial annual savings in
their power bills
4. Spur the growth of a more environmentally aware and responsible younger generation
5. Equip teachers to foster environmental literacy

This idea has been developed by SM Renergy (P) Ltd (SMR) in light of increasing electricity tariffs for educational institutions in India and the plummeting costs of solar PV across the world. While most solar EPCs and developers are focused on pursuing commercial and industrial establishments to adopt solar PV, SMR is keen on creating an impact at educational institutions through awareness and substantial electricity bill savings.

Our aim is to equip every educational institution in India to provide meaningful learning experiences to students in the field of renewable energy. Therefore, the purpose of the Solar School Company is threefold –
1. To coordinate efforts to promote solar PV in educational institutions;
2. To aggregate and consolidate current and future solar resource development; and
3. To amplify the successes of solar PV in educational institutions and act as a unified voice for a
national solar movement.

Solar PV is synchronous to educational institutions
The hours of operation of a solar PV plant and the peak loads of an educational institution are synchronised (8am - 5pm). In fact, most educational institutions (if not residential) culminate at 4pm everyday. The surplus energy (during holidays) can be exported to the grid and will be reduced from the overall consumption of the educational institution.

The graph below shows the typical daily load of a school against the daily generation of energy from a solar PV plant –

Ways to incorporate solar PV at a educational institution

Option 1 – Installation for education purposes
Educational-only installations are systems that are installed strictly for educational purposes, and not intended to save the school money or lower energy usage.
These systems work great for schools/colleges that don't have an ideal roof available, or favourable prevailing electricity tariffs for solar.

Option 2 – Installation for energy offsetting purposes
Energy off-setting installations, are installations that are sized strategically to off-set an educational
institutions energy usage and energy bills.

These systems save the educational institution substantial amounts of money and have a positive
impact on the environment.
The Fabindia School in Rajasthan is 100% solar
Benefits to the educational institutions
1. Substantial monetary savings per annum through reduced power bills;
2. Workshops and seminars organized by SMR for students of the educational institution explaining the intricacies and functionality of renewable energy technologies;
3. Helps record available resources and trains students to collect information systematically and ease the analysis process;
4. Benchmarks an educational institutions performance as an environmental manager; and
5. Affiliation to the “Solar School Company” platform gaining access to energy
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