Transmission Loss Between Teaching and Learning

Every teacher tries to prepare her lesson in the best way to teach in the classroom but still, there are some children who can get everything which is taught in the classroom. It is teachers duty to understand each and every child and connect with them for better learning. All children are different and their area of interest is also different. So first we have to find out why they do not pay attention in the classroom.

The reasons which we discussed among the group:
  • Each child has different level.
  • Every child has a different mood in the classroom like some want to play, some want to eat, and others want to draw and have fun etc.
  • All children have a different way of understanding like some understand the picture, some understand by discussion, some understand by explanation, practical etc.
  • Some children do not feel free while asking about their confusion 

Photo credit: Neha Parmar
These are the solution by which we can be established more connectivity between teacher and student to make the lesson effective.
  • The teacher has to understand her children’s way of understanding so that she could prepare her lesson accordingly.
  • The teacher has to make interesting in every possible way so that he or she will be able to draw their attention towards the chapter.
  • The teacher should have to friendly behavior so that she could connect with them easily and the children will not be hesitated to ask about their confusion. It also creates a happy environment.
  • The teacher should appreciate the children for every good thing they do. It motivates them and builds trust towards the teacher.
  • The teacher should give more chances to the children to communicate with him or her. Communication helps us to understand someone and making better connectivity.
Our learning from “Can We Teach A Zebra Some Algebra” by “Debashis Chatterjee”
- Monika Vaishnav, Prerna Rathod, Usman Gani & Vinit Kumar
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