Knowing His Subjects

A teacher knows his subject very well but if the teacher knows his children he could teach them in a better way and his aim of teaching will be fulfilled. The teacher can create the surrounding according to the needs of the students and that will help the children to learn more. 

Teachers have to guide them and show them a right direction to live a better life. This will be possible only if a teacher knows his students very well and understands them. If the teacher understands his students’ mood,  their way of learning,  their strength, their interest, their challenges,  their creativity and their circumstances then he/she can teach accordingly and get better output in favour of the students.

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The teacher should behave in such a way that students do not hesitate to ask question. They should give them more opportunity to communicate with each other and with other teachers so that they will feel free in the classroom. The teacher should create their surrounding according to his students and interact with them more and that will help the children  to learn better.

Our learning from “Can We Teach A Zebra Some Algebra” by “Debashis Chatterjee”
- Monika Vaishnav,  Prerna Rathore ,  Usman Gani & Vinit Kumar - The Fabindia School

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