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Indian Moms Connect (IMC)

IMC is a parenting platform for moms by moms. At IMC we only post non-judgemental and authentic content shared by mothers. With IMC, you can reach a targeted audience of urban Indian Moms in India and throughout the world with our reviews, sponsored posts, giveaways and much more. 

Blog: We discuss parenting in the modern world from an Indian perspective. We cover cultural traditions to current day ideas on parenting and sometimes how to blend the two. All our content is written by moms sharing their personal stories. Join us by sharing yours!

Toka Box:
We also curate Toka Box, a monthly subscription box that includes a hand-picked children’s book and related craft activities with all its materials focussing on literacy and STEAM skills.

We are a California company with a team of bloggers in India. We look forward to working with you to engage you with our audience of over 60,000 women every day! Kanika Gautam 
Marketing Manager and Brand Awareness Coordinator - Indian Moms Connect

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