An Educator Is More Than a Traffic Policeman

The above line means that every educator plays the role of a traffic policeman. A traffic policeman has to control the traffic of an area or rather to say traffic at a signal. He sees and keeps a check that all vehicles take a safe root and traffic at the signal runs smoothly and there is no accident or traffic jam. It is his duty to see that there is no inconvenience caused to the people due to traffic. But in our opinion, the role of an educator is more than a traffic policeman. An educator performs many roles like:
  • Thus an educator works beyond the working hours of the school whereas a policeman is free once his duty is over. Educator’s work is carried out after working the hours if required. So the role of an educator is more than that of a traffic policeman.
  • Teaching in the classroom.
  • Teaching moral values to the students so they become a good person.
  • Keeping a check on the students outside the class.
  • Helping them whenever they need help.
  • Sometimes they have to go out of their way to help students if the problem is serious. It may involve talking to the parents to solve the students' problem.

Our learning from “Can We Teach A Zebra Some Algebra” by “Debashis Chatterjee”
- Monika Vaishnav, Prerna Rathod,  Usman Gani & Vinit Kumar - The Fabindia School

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