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Good Teachers Teach, Great Teachers Enliven

What is great teaching? Great Teaching is the ability to distinguish between what can and needs to be explained and what cannot be explained. An educator can be a great teacher when he delivers his lectures with a natural expression of life and not mind.

A great teacher is when he teaches with enthusiasm and in response when his student is able to discover that they can understand and appreciate learning visually and spatially than through the privileged textual forms. A teacher should have the ability to get his students to think critically, creatively and carefully. A teacher should not just keep on talking; instead, he should engage his students in the conversation respectfully.
A teacher should plan exciting lessons if he wants 100% engagement of students in his lessons. A great teachers mission should be to draw out the best from his learners. If we can make our students socially conscious and make them lead a just and other’s centred life then we can call our self a great teacher.

Great Educators are those who do not label their children as ‘slow learners’, dull student’ but they listen to them, understand their problem, know their aspirations and then remove their despair and instil confidence in them. They should treat students challenges as opportunities and plan their lessons to solve their student’s problems.

Our learning from “Can We Teach a Zebra Some Algebra “by Debashis Chatterjee
- Sharmila Vijaywargi, Usha Panwar, Bharti Rao & Krithika Rao : The Fabindia School

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