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Qualified Teachers Are Not Always Quality Teachers

1. Yes our group agrees with this topic that qualified teachers are not always quality teachers. But it is always not necessary that a qualified teacher can give quality education, but even an unqualified teacher can give quality education to the students through their experience.

2. A qualified teacher is that who can help in the all round development of a student to make him/her to become a good citizen.

3. Teaching should be connected with the surroundings rather sticking to the textbook in the classroom.

4. Teacher should deliver the knowledge to students for effective teaching. A quality teacher always clears the doubts of the students rather ignoring them.

5. An experienced teacher always has better qualities to understand the students in a better way.

Our learning from:  ‘Can you teach a Zebra some Algebra’s
-by Debashis Chatterjee
Vineet Singh, Byju Joseph, Kavitha Devda & Krishna Gopal Dave - The Fabindia School

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