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Should Knowledge Chase Students

All the students go to school to get an education and to learn many things. Sometimes it seems that they are not learning how much they suppose to learn. It may happen because of many reasons. They may be physically present in the classroom but not mentally. It seems like they take study as a burden. It is because of either they are not interested in that topic or the topic is not taught in an interesting way because learning does not happen if there is no interest. 
It is a teacher’s duty to teach in such a way that the children do not think it as a burden and they should enjoy the learning. For example, if a teacher teaches Gram Sabha in the classroom and gives a lecture on it,  some children will take interest in it but not all the children. Few of the children may find it boring. If the teacher forces them to pay attention towards it, they will feel they are forced to study and they will not understand. Instead, if the teachers make her lesson so interesting by taking them outside and create a scene of Gram Sabha, all the children will happily participate and enjoy their learning. In this manner, the children will be happily involved in learning and gain knowledge. They will also become curious to know more about it. In this way, the students will chase the knowledge, not the knowledge.

Our learning from “Can We Teach A Zebra Some Algebra”  by “Debashis Chatterjee”
Monika Vaishnav,  Prerna Rathore, Usman Gani & Vinit Kumar - The Fabindia School

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