Students define the Classrooms, Not the Walls

The Classrooms are not just the walls but the environment created with love and warmth that the students get in it is the real classrooms. Fear kills creativity and the death of creativity in a young tender age reduces the chances of development of a carefree and beautiful mind lest a human being. 

A teacher's role is pivotal in shaping a child's future and types of teachers influence a child's growth. The first impression of a teacher is again a very important factor. Students have a tendency to behave according to the teacher once they frame an image of any teacher. A good teacher is a one who does not instill fear in the young minds but carries on the class as a whole and eventually everyone grows. Because every teacher should endeavor to not create a class of walls but of young minds who are excited to learn and grow.

The classroom is not just the walls but it is the space of learning given to a student and where the students are comfortable, the learning environment is more engaging and fun. The classroom should have interactive stations where hands-on learning can be experienced by all the students. The classrooms should be more student-oriented where each student’s learning is personalized to meet his or her precise needs. Many Teachers have in mind that the walls of a classroom should be colorful, but at that time a teacher must keep in mind that the walls should be covered with student’s work for it is a kind of motivation for the students. Classrooms should be more student-oriented and teacher should be a facilitator.

Our learning from “Can We Teach a Zebra Some Algebra “by Debashis Chatterjee
- Sharmila Vijaywargi, Bharti Rao, Usha Panwar & Kritika Rao - The Fabindia School

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