Students define the Classroom, Not the Walls

The real classroom is the mind of the student and not the classroom of a school.
Today’s classrooms are in which either the teacher explains using a board or in an audiovisual – a smart class, in both type of classrooms the minds of the students are receiving audio and video signals in the form of lecture and visuals – students mind is only receiving, not able to interpret herself, it quickly tries to interpret when a question is asked and this time is very less to analyze and interpret information provided.
A good classroom is where the student’s minds are free and attentive to what is explained.

A good teacher should be able to develop discipline and creativity in his students without force.
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Our learning from “Can You Teach A Zebra some Algebra” by Debashis Chatterjee.
Ajay Vijayvargi, Kusum Dangi, Tarun Mishra &Usman Gani - The Fabindia School

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