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Stress is a reaction to a situation where a person feels threatened or anxious. Learning healthy ways to cope,, and getting the right care and support can help reduce stressful feelings and symptoms.

After a traumatic event, people may have strong and lingering reactions. These events may include personal or environmental disasters or threats with an assault. The symptoms may be physical or emotional.

Feeling emotional and nervous or having trouble sleeping and eating can all be normal reactions to stress. 

Here are some healthy ways you can deal with stress:
1. Take care of yourself - Eat healthily, exercise daily, get plenty of sleep, and give yourself a break if you feel stressed out.
2. Talk to others - Share your problems and how you feel and cope with a parent, friend, counsellor, doctor, or pastor.
3. Avoid drugs and alcohol. These may seem to help, but they can create additional problems and increase the stress you are already feeling.
4. Take a break - If news events are causing you stress, take a break from listening or watching the news.
5. Recognize when you need more help - If problems continue or you are thinking about suicide, talk to a psychologist, social worker, or professional counsellor.

Swabhi Parmar
The Fabindia School

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