Hope and Friendship- DGS Medley


Hope is to see things in the seed before putting it in the soil. It means. that we are sure to achieve the result. We wish for something when it's unlikely or impossible to be carried out, but we hope for things that can be achieved. Hope brings in a lot of positive attitudes, and it is accompanied by faith. So if we want to achieve something, it is only possible through our persistence and patience. It means that hope is looking at the brighter side.

Indian mythology and history are full of friendship stories, be it Krishna -Sudama or Sri Ram - Sugreevh. The best example is Krishna and Arjun's friendship, which gave us the eternal “Geeta Gyan”. It is possible to have best friends irrespective of caste, creed or class. Friendship brings hope as it is the pillar of strength when calamity strikes. Be it comforting someone or helping financially. The friend is the one who brings out the best, helps and acknowledges our abilities. A true friend is the one who confronts us when we are wrong and then forgets it. He is the one who rejoices in our success without being jealous. He who stands as a backbone in the hour of need is the true friend.

As a teacher, I have seen friends helping each other achieve academic goals without being told to do so. Work becomes fun when we have good friends around.

When colleagues become friends, competition becomes collaboration. There are trust and respect for each other. Simple things get appreciation.  We are glad that we are working in a place where we are experiencing this every day.

That’s why it is well said, “A real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” — Walter Winchell

Proud to be Educators at The Doon Girls' School: Medley DGS - Anubhuti Sharma, Chandralekha Negi, Kirti Bisht, Mamta Kandpal, Neelam Waldia, Rudrani Ray and Sugandha Ahluwalia 

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