Handling Pressure - Prerna Rathod

Pressure means stress that affects us in different ways.  It also affects a person at work or home.  There are different types of stress like physical stress, emotional stress, psychological stress and behavioural stress. Some of the causes of stress are as follows :

1. When we do non stop work without taking rest then it  leads to physical stress. It causes body ache and headache.
2.  If we take less sleep or stay awake till late night, our eyes become red. Our mind does not get any rest and it can lead to psychological stress.
3. Sometimes, we keep on thinking  or worry on certain matters which affects us both physically and mentally and can lead to stress.
4. Sometimes due to financial crisis or loss of a beloved or unpleasant work  environment can also lead to  stress.

 Following steps can be taken to keep away stress:
1. You need to take proper care of yourself, i.e. proper diet and rest.
2. Talk to others to divert your mind from the thing that can cause stress.
3. Do  activities like reading, painting, dancing, playing games, listening music.
4. Do yoga, exercise, meditation daily. 

As educators we must make our students understand what is stress, how it is caused and how to deal with it. If stress is not handled properly, then it can lead to dangerous consequences. Each one of us must try to handle stress in a positive way and get it out of our life to lead a happy and stressfree life.

Prerna Rathod 
The Fabindia School 

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