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Hope is the oxygen of the heart and soul, and thus the essence of life and our entire planet thrives on it, for it's like a prism through which we see a spectrum of optimism. Positive thoughts may be the possibility of a key to a closed-door or another open door! We, as mentors, are a beacon of hope for our students; a hope that keeps us all positive in a confusing world so full of negativity; a hope of getting better at everything each day. Similarly, mentors too hope that all their efforts put into their students will be recognised and appreciated. 

Hope motivates us to persevere and keep moving forward despite the many obstacles we may face during our journey. "Whispering hope, o how welcome thy voice, making my heart in its sorrow rejoice." Where there is hope, there is a beautiful relationship, and that is friendship. The language of friendship is not words but meanings.

Our friends teach us to be patient with each other, try new hobbies, and a friend gives hope when life is low. That is why it's a great fortune to have a good and understanding friend. Friendship gets a whole new meaning in boarding schools, as the bond, we share with our friends is the purest form of friendship, where we learn to share, care and accept each other for who we are. Hope rekindles the flame of bonding through friendship in boarding schools by accepting our friends as family. In life, I was once told that if you make even one true friend, you are a fortunate person. We cannot choose our family, but we can definitely choose our friends. This gives us the hope to feel comfortable, especially in a boarding school, without our family being present.

So hope and friendship go beautifully hand in hand. Fostering hope in our lives is important for our mental and emotional health.

मन मे आशा दृढ़ है कुछ अच्छा होने की

पल पल जीवन की कसौटी पर खरा उतरने  की

नये सपनों को पंख लगाये,नभ मे उड़ने की।

उम्मीदों  को पूरा कर, सच्चाई से जुड़ने की।

मन मे आशा दृढ़ है कुछ अच्छा होने की।

आशाओं और उम्मीदों से ही बना है सार्थक जीवन।

नई  रोशनी की आभा से पुलकित होता है मन।

क्या है जीवन की सच्चाई, क्यू हर पल एक चुनौती है?

उम्मीदों से ही है खुशियों का मतलब।

जो जीवन का दामन थामे आगे बढ़ती जाती है।

मन मे आशा दृढ़ है कुछ अच्छा होने की।

पल पल जीवन की कसौटी पर खरा उतरने की।।

Dynamic DGS @ The Doon Girls’ School, Dehradun - Reena Gusain , Reah Sikand, Meenakshi Panwar, Shilpika Pandey, Rachna Bhardwaj & Sumali Devgan

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