PI Club and the Circus - Akshay Chowdhry

Format: Paperback
₹ 149.00

This book is a fast-paced mystery story for young readers with several twists and turns.

"During the lockdown in the past year, I took the opportunity of having more time at home to do something I have wanted to do. I wrote a book! It’s a children’s fiction book titled ‘PI Club and the Circus’. The book is a mystery story, similar to Enid Blyton’s Famous Five stories. It is for children in the 7-11 year age group." #piclubandthecircus #piclubstories" - Akshay Chowdhry

Nikhil and his family have just moved to Dehradun, a small valley town in India. There, Nikhil meets a group of children around his own age – Ishaan, Neha, Shreya and Arjun.   There’s a circus in town, but events take a strange turn when the children visit the circus. They get tangled up in a series of robberies and begin to suspect that someone from the circus is responsible.  The children from the Private Investigators (PI) Club investigate and are determined to solve their first case.  Will they be able to uncover the perpetrators?

Akshay Chowdhry was born in Calcutta, educated at Gitanjali School (Hyderabad) and Hyderabad Public School, Shri Ram College of Commerce (New Delhi), ICFAI Business School (Hyderabad), and London Business School. He pursued a career in finance before joining his family business of manufacturing cooking oils. When he isn’t writing or working, he enjoys playing golf, watching web series, cricket matches, and spending time with his family and friends. 
Akshay Chowdhry is Group Vice President at Gemini Edibles and Fats India Private Limited.

The book is on sale at The English Book Depot in Dehradun, order online www.ebdbooks.com

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