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Humility and appreciation are two values of life. When péople stops judging others and try to find out the good qualities in them and encourage them to do something fruitful out of their actions. We can love and appreciate, which will create a happy and healthy environment in our educational field and our lives.

We have a story based on a real incident in the school. This is the story of a little shy boy who was afraid of speaking and taking the initiative, but he was always appreciated by the teachers due to his good personality. Days went by, but his nature did not change, all the teachers used to appreciate him and encouraged him to take part in the small activities, we even gave him one of the most powerful and important roles in our annual day function, he wasn't ready for that, but we politely encouraged, motivated and appreciated him for his every action slowly he also started gaining interest and turned to be the best role player of that event.

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Visionary JMMS- Parineeta Negi, Ambika Gurung, Manmohan Kaur and Bharti Dangwal.
John Martyn Memorial School, Salangaon, Dehradun India

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